Pesavento jewels Gold 18 kt

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Pesavento jewels Gold 18 kt

The Pesavento jewels are elegant and very different in style, the Italian design is beautiful. Jewelry Nevejan is proud to be the official dealer of the Pesavento gold jewelry. Jewels Nevejan has a wide range of Pesavento jewels that can be delivered directly from stock at the best price. When purchasing online via, the Pesavento jewels come in their original packaging with the 2-year warranty and delivered FREE of charge without postage. Today you order a Pesavento jewel and tomorrow it will be delivered to you.

Pesavento Italian gold 18kt jewelry

Pesavento is an Italian brand with a strong and original distinctive style. Every Pesavento creation is the result of research that combines stylistic innovation and technological experiments with traditional craftsmanship of the goldsmith. Pesavento has been manufacturing 18kt Gold jewelry for over 25 years.

It is a return to the origin, enhanced by the unique style that Pesavento has developed over the years. The new Polvere di Diamanti (Diamond Dust) enriches the elegant and flexible lines of 18-carat gold, creating a sparkle that illuminates the Pesavento dream with new light.

The Basic collection is reminiscent of the first 18-carat gold machining of the Pesavento: the hollow tube returns to the main character. The light glides freely over its pure lines and dives into a sparkling sea of ​​Diamond Dust reflections.